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Alice's Embrace is a non-profit organization devoted to providing hand-knit and hand-crocheted prayer shawls and lap blankets to those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  We seek volunteers to knit and crochet the patterns that we have created.  Through the loving hands of many generous and talented people, this endeavor will help ease the anxiety that is often present in those suffering from the disease.  

Second chances Contest

Well, our first quarter Refer a Friend contest had no winners. So, that being said, this next quarter contest is VERY EASY.  Just knit or crochet for us between April 1st and June 30th and you will be in on the drawing for one of three beautiful Vera Bradley totes.  Be sure to have your donations to us on or before June 30th.  Look at these gorgeous bags here.  So get out those needles and hooks & start creating....we can't wait to see what gifts you whip up.  Remember your time and talent will benefit many deserving people. 

what do we see as the most popular colors?

When we go to a delivery, we always want the recipient to choose his or her own special gift.  We typically take along twice as many items as there are residents.  We let the residents come up to the table, if they're able.  We want that special lap blanket or prayer shawl they've been eying from their seat to be theirs.  If they are not able to come to the table, we go up to each and every one of them and ask their favorite color.  We, then, take two or three to them to let them get a closer look.  We want them to love their gift.  We always seem to be in need of pinks, purples, reds, greens and blues.  These truly are the most popular colors.  Also, solid colors seem more popular than the striped or blocked items.  However, make what you LOVE.  If none of those colors or ideas please you, then make what color thrills you... it will likely thrill someone else, too.  It always helps to work on something that is soothing to our own eyes.  Go to our patterns page and see what might be calling your name today.  Thank you so much for all of your donations and hard work.  Together we are helping so many!

what we've been hearing:

From an Activity Coordinator:  "Thank you!!  We were so glad to have you!  Everyone is still talking about the blankets and most of them are still wearing them."

From the daughter of a recipient:  "Thank you so much for visiting my mom at Sierra Ridge and giving her a choice of a knitted throw. She loves it and the joy that you gave to everyone there is priceless! Thank you!  You two touched my heart yesterday. So I downloaded a pattern, went to Michael's and started working on one to return the favor. Will let you know when done. Nice TV project. Thx again!"

From a Life Enrichment Director:  "What a wonderful experience it was to have you over yesterday. Thanks!! It was so heart warming to see residents with their blankets today. Some residents are particularly attached to their shawl or blanket and carry it with them everywhere. It has brought our community lots of love and joy.  Thanks to you and all your knitters."

From an Employee Wellness Director:  "It was a privilege to observe Alice‚Äôs Embrace in action today.  Beaming smiles decorated so many participants as they were draped with beautiful and original blankets." 

From a recipient:  "What you are doing is very noble.  Your cup will be overflowing with blessings as you are blessing me and the others."