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Alice's Embrace is devoted to providing hand-knit and hand-crocheted prayer shawls and lap blankets to those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.  We seek volunteers to knit and crochet the patterns that we have created.  Through the loving hands of many generous and talented people, this endeavor will help ease the anxiety that is often present in those suffering from the disease.  

REFER A FRIEND CONTEST ends in 1 week!

This contest requires a little PR (public relations) on your part.  We are always amazed when we hear how people find out about us, so now is your chance to help spread the word even more.  You DO NOT need to be a knitter or crocheter to win in this contest.  Whether you are an Alice's Embrace fan or a previous contributor, we ask you to tell your knitting or crocheting friends, neighbors or coworkers about us.  Forwarding our newsletter and sharing this website and the touching stories behind all of our great patterns is an easy way to perk someone's interest.  Basically, we are asking you to "Refer a Friend."  Yep, that's the name of the next contest.  Our "Refer a Friend" contest involves you finding another donor or two or even three and email us his or her name.... along with your own name.   When you click the word "email" above, it will take you right to our email and there is a little form to fill out.... take a look.  We will keep very good records of these referrals, but you will need to be the one to help them remember that the project needs to be completed and to us by March 31, 2015.

Vera Bradley generously donated six bags to Alice's Embrace.  We just gave away three in our Humdinger of a Contest and on March 31st, we will be giving away three more in our Refer a Friend contest.  We will draw three names from the creators of the referred donations, and the person who referred them will get one of the totes.  The new contributor will get a little project bag.... it will not be large enough for one of our works-in-progress, but great if you're making a scarf or socks.  We know you have to have other special projects on the side, so this little drawstring bag will be perfect for those items.

So rack your brains and think of a compassionate and giving knitter or crocheter.  Remember, making something for Alice's Embrace is therapeutic for both the creator and the recipient.... win, win.  Any questions, please just send Diane an email.... she will help.

we are in need of blues and greens

You all truly amaze us.  When we asked for the pinks and purples, you delivered!  We have plenty on hand right now.  That could change very quickly since we have another delivery coming up next Tuesday, March 31st.  If you happen to be getting yarn for a new project, please consider purchasing a shade of green or blue.  We often find that the women choose a pink or a purple item, but every once in awhile, the delivery surprises us and we have many women choosing the greens and blues.  This being said, now that you have kindly fulfilled the pink and purple need, please help with this new request.  We are seeing a pattern here.... we ask and you deliver.  Then they all get chosen and we have to make the request again.  Thank you so much for pulling through every time we reach out to you all!!  Together we are helping so many!